Mutt of the Month: Mr. B

February 2, 2016


Mr. B.......Beautiful, Bodacious, Big, Bright, and Brimming with love. This 3 year old Mastiff mix has the most soulful eyes we have ever seen. Unfortunately, his love and loyalty was not returned by his previous owners.......His Bio below was from when he first came into rescue.

Here is his story:
Mutts Matter Rescue was contacted by Baltimore Animal Control about a case that resulted in the seizure of Mr. B. He had been nearly starved to death by his previous owners, and was suffering from pressure wounds at his joints......his skin simply had no cushion against his skeleton when he would lay down and it resulted in some open wounds. His prior owners couldn't even give him a morsel of food. This poor dog was not only starved, he didn't even have a soft place to lay down. Mr B was so close to death's door that he received a score of 1 on the body scale chart our vet uses, with 9 being the best. The fact that this magnificent dog is still living, is extremely gentle and loving, and still trusts humans, is a testament to his extraordinary spirit.

He had been without food, water, and any love or care for a long time. When we picked him up from the city shelter, it was obvious he was desperate for love and attention. Although emaciated, he was not broken spirited. His currently weigh is 37lbs-He should be around 60-70. We think Mr. B is a mastiff mix. (He even has a small underbite). Because he is so emaciated, we can't even tell what breed he is for sure, since his face is so sunken in. It’s amazing how sweet he is considering how awful mankind has been to him. Clearly people walked by this poor dog every day and did nothing to help.

Mr. B is one of the lucky ones that made it out of the shelter and to a safe place. Even as a rescue, this type of abuse is something we never get used to seeing. Our vet and Mr. B's foster(s) are working hard to ensure he receives the care he needs to recover from severe neglect, and to help him gain weight. But MMR needs your help! Caring for a dog in this condition involves a great deal of time and resources. Donations are urgently needed to ensure Mr. B the medical help he deserves. With your help we can provide medical treatment and the care he needs so he can become adoptable. Mr. B will be neutered once he is stronger and has gained weight.

No dog should have to know this life.
Please help us change this boy’s future, who had all but given up on the world, and will get the chance to have an amazing transformation. And it's all thanks to a little kindness. PLEASE DONATE NOW. Your name will be added to his bio as one of his rescue angels.
Your donation is tax deductible.

We are grateful for your support, and for helping us show him the way to a better life.

Photo courtesy of Mary Swift Photograpy

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